Art for Research exhibit opens

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An art and photography exhibit presenting the contributions of research to development in the countries of the Americas began today at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington, D.C. during the 52nd Directing Council.

The images of Art for Research invite the viewer to explore the histories behind some of the most important and influential changes in health, development, and innovation. “This exhibit uses art to communicate that research for health is a worthy investment for our societies and an important driver of social and economic development,” underscored PAHO Deputy Director Jon Andrus.

The series of images entitled “Shaping the World” by British fine-arts photographer Theo Chambers presents histories of influential people who have devoted their lives to changing the future through research in areas such as HIV and productivity, Alzheimer’s disease, perinatal medicine, infectious disease eradication, decision-making, education, safety, equity, quality health care, and patient dignity.

One of the images depicts Brazilian doctor Ciro De Quadros, honored for his efforts toward polio eradication in the Americas, and makes reference to how his research on infectious diseases and vaccination campaigns have led to this achievement.

“Research in Movement” by Australian photojournalist Jane Dempster uses images captured in different Latin America countries to show how research can positively affect communities. One example is how completion of the Panama Canal was enabled through far-reaching, intensive research into yellow fever transmission, yielding tremendous social and economic benefits to Panama and the world.

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