WHO Twelfth General Program of Work 2014–2019 and WHO Program Budget 2014–2019 are discussed at 52nd Directing Council

WHO 20th General Program of Work 2014 2019 (12)

Assistant Director-General for General Administration of the World Health Organization Mohamed Abdi Jama presented the WHO Twelfth General Program of Work 2014–2019 and the WHO Program Budget 2014–2019 to delegates attending the 52nd Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization being held this week in Washington, D.C.

The Program Budget provides a high-level strategic vision for WHO’s work over the next six years and is one of the main elements of the WHO programmatic reform; it presents the Organization’s expected deliverables and budget requirements over this period.

Abdi Jama noted that this is the first program budget that reflects the vision and technical priorities that have been established jointly with Member States for the next six years.

Communicable and noncommunicable diseases; promoting health throughout the life course; health systems; preparedness, surveillance, and response; and corporate services and enabling functions are the principal work areas.

The budget is organized by these programmatic categories and shows the results chain, with the products, effects, and respective indicators, baselines, and targets. The budget document also contains a summary of the key products at WHO’s various levels (Representative Office, Regional Offices, and WHO Headquarters).

Both the General Program of Work and Program Budget documents were approved at the Sixty-sixth Session of the World Health Assembly in May 2013.

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