Minister of Health of El Salvador honored for her career in public health

Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez Minister of El Salvador Recognition (1)

The Minister of Health of El Salvador, Dr. María Isabel Rodríguez, was honored today for her career in public health at the 52nd Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

The special tribute was initiated by Ecuador, who was joined by the rest of the Member States of the Region. “There is no country in the Americas that has not been touched by the influence of Doctor Rodríguez,” noted the Ecuadorian delegate after highlighting the years of experience in and commitment to health of the Salvadorian civil servant, whom he described as “a public health visionary.”

María Isabel Rodríguez, former coordinator of PAHO’s Training Program in International Health and the first rector of the University of El Salvador, “remains a powerful example of commitment to PAHO and the countries of the Region,” the delegate of Ecuador concluded.

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