Caribbean countries back international cooperation policy

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The delegate from Barbados, John David Edward Boyce, highlighted CARICOM’s cooperation experience. Lesley Resida of Suriname drew attention to the bureaucracy that sometimes exists surrounding the implementation of cooperation agreements and called for the strengthening of agreements between countries.

The delegate from Dominica, David Johnson, applauded PAHO’s leadership in building a strong cooperation in the Americas. He pointed out that his country has benefited from this cooperation and highlighted South-South cooperation, which is facilitated by CARICOM and PAHO.

Delon Brenner of Bahamas highlighted their cooperation experience with the Revolving Fund for Vaccine Procurement, which helped reduce vaccine-preventable diseases, and pointed to their new cooperation efforts with to CARPHA to combat NCDs.

The representative from Haiti, Florence Duperval Guillaume, also expressed her country’s support of the cooperation policy.

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