Countries express support for policy on cooperation for health development in the Americas

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Hilda Dávila Chávez, delegate of Mexico, expressed her country’s support for this resolution. She stressed the importance of effective coordination among United Nations agencies in order to avoid duplication in technical cooperation efforts.

The delegate of Colombia, Dr. Jaime Matute, underscored the importance of this initiative for strengthening cooperation, in particular due to the fact that resource flows toward countries of medium-high income levels are declining.

Arlette Bravo-Prudent, the delegate of France, invited countries of the Region to develop triangular cooperation that includes developed and developing countries, to encourage the exchange of experiences and innovations in the health area. She also suggested using alternative mechanisms to increase funds and encourage effective partnerships between countries. The representative of Spain, Miguel Casado Gómez, stressed the need for cooperation policies in order to address inequities in the Region.

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