Directing Council debates topic of cooperation for health development in the Americas

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Delegations of the countries of the Americas at the 52nd Directing Council debated approval of a renewed policy for cooperation for health development. The policy seeks to reinforce and formalize the position of cooperation among countries and horizontal partnerships as an integral and cross-cutting delivery mechanism that should be mainstreamed into the work of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

The policy provides a common conceptual framework and guiding principles for cooperation among countries and partnerships. PAHO will facilitate and support the Member States in these processes, which includes the continuation of ongoing activities, such as active participation in the international dialogue around South-South cooperation to advocate for health, among others.

During the discussion, the importance of cooperation in the areas of the social determinants of health and the International Health Regulations was highlighted. Delegates agreed that PAHO’s role should be to facilitate, coordinate, and optimize opportunities for cooperation between countries, and that PAHO activities should complement, not duplicate, other initiatives within the regional cooperation framework.

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