Health authorities of the Americas, the GAVI Alliance, and PAHO join efforts for vaccination

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Representatives of ministries of health of the Americas, the Secretariat of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI), and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) met to analyze the results of their joint efforts and to assess opportunities to further their collaboration on the introduction of new vaccines and the sustainability of the achievements made in the Region of the Americas.

Bolivia, Cuba, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, and Nicaragua are currently supported by GAVI. Of these countries, five have begun the graduation process; Haiti will continue receiving support. The first countries to complete the process will cease to receive GAVI support as early as 2016.

During the meeting, advancements in the introduction of new vaccines –such as the pentavalent vaccine, the rotavirus vaccine, and the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine–were addressed, as was the strengthening of national immunization services. Participants also exchanged their views on the resolution that PAHO Member States approved during the 52nd Directing Council to maintain the principles and guidelines of the PAHO Revolving Fund for Vaccine Procurement. The GAVI Secretariat presented an update on the implementation of GAVI policies and support.

During the discussion, participating Member States reiterated the importance that the GAVI Alliance and PAHO continue to work together in order to maximize immunization efforts for the benefit of all the developing world, including the Region of the Americas.

Participants in the meeting included the Minister of Health and Sports of Bolivia, Dr. Juan Carlos Calvimontes; the Minister of Health of Guyana, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran; the delegation of the Ministry of Health of Haiti; and the Permanent Representative of Honduras to the OAS, Ambassador Leonidas Rosa Bautista. Also present were the CEO of the GAVI Alliance Secretariat, Dr. Seth Berkley; the PAHO Deputy Director, Dr. Jon Andrus; PAHO’s Assistant Director, Dr. Francisco Becerra Posada; Dr. Cristina Gaberi, in representation of the Minister of Health of Moldova; and Dr. Andrei Usatii, who is the GAVI Board Representative of Developing Countries of the Americas and Europe.

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