Resolution approved on cooperation for health development in the Americas

Proposed Resolutions Pending Adoption (66)

Health authorities approved a resolution to strengthen cooperation for health development in the Americas and adapt it to a broader concept of cooperation among countries and partnerships.

Within the framework of this renewed cooperation policy, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) will promote and collaborate with Member States and other donors for South-South cooperation, triangular cooperation, and resource mobilization efforts aimed at strengthening collaboration among countries and among subregional blocks.

The resolution requests the PAHO Director to promote the Organization’s brokering role and strengthen relations with subregional organizations by signing agreements, as appropriate, that designate PAHO as their specialized health agency, among other measures. It also calls on PAHO to strengthen mechanisms for technical cooperation among countries and to promote the timely and equitable distribution of cooperation for health development initiatives.

For their part, the Member States pledge to promote health cooperation in national fora and dialogues to mobilize political will and the necessary resources, as well as to promote harmonization and alignment of the health agendas of subregional agencies with the PAHO agenda in order to strengthen cooperation among countries, agencies, and other agents of change to effectively address common health issues.

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